Professional Speaking

With impeccable credentials and a talent for making complex topics easily understood by specialists and novices alike, Dr. Nathan is available for speaking engagements in the US and around the world. He brings his expertise and passion for a wide range of subjects to audiences of health care professionals, patient groups and the lay public. Dr. Nathan’s medical lectures are designed for CME and other continuing education activities. For more information, please contact speaker(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)

Topics currently offered by Dr. Nathan

(Recommended audiences in parentheses)


 “Cannabis 101” (clinicians, public) This is a general overview of all things cannabis, which can be tailored to the needs of specific audiences.

“Cannabis and Legalization: What Clinicians Need to Know” (clinicians) Like it or not, legalization is coming, and this lecture provides clinicians with the basics of medical and recreational cannabis use and misuse.

“Doctors for Cannabis Regulation” (clinicians, public) As the founder and Board President of DFCR, Dr. Nathan has a unique perspective on the evolution of physicians’ attitudes toward marijuana policy in the US and around the world.

“A Doctor’s Perspective on Marijuana Policies” (clinicians, public) While ultimately favoring legalization, Dr. Nathan presents a balanced discussion of the risks, opportunities, costs and benefits of cannabis legalization vs. decriminalization vs. prohibition.

“The History of Cannabis and Its Prohibition(clinicians, public) Dr. Nathan’s interest in history meets the checkered and frequently misunderstood story of humanity’s interaction with cannabis. He focuses on primary sources—rather than legends and myths—written by and about supporters and opponents of cannabis use.

Marijuana Policy in New Jersey” (clinicians, public) This is an overview of the current state of cannabis policy in New Jersey, highlighting the challenges and opportunities particular to the Garden State. Dr. Nathan is a founding member of the steering committee for New Jersey United for Cannabis Reform, and he was the first physician in New Jersey history to testify about marijuana legalization before the state legislature.

“Risks and Benefits of Cannabis Use” (clinicians, public) Dr. Nathan offers an overview of the complex and often ambiguous evidence regarding health effects of cannabis, both desirable and problematic.


 “Art and Science of Psychiatric Diagnosis” (clinicians, patient groups, public) Does psychiatry belong among the sciences or humanities? Dr. Nathan explains why the answer is: “both.”

“Ask the Doctor” (patient groups, public) A interactive discussion rather than a lecture, this is an opportunity for patients, families and friends to ask general questions about the diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric disorders. Since 2003, Dr. Nathan has regularly led “Ask the Doctor” sessions as the Physician Advisor for the New Jersey State Chapter of the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance.

“Ethics, Spirituality and Mental Health Treatment” (clinicians, patient groups, public) Originally prepared for seminary students, this presentation examines the interface and overlap between psychiatry and spirituality.

“Introduction to Psychiatry” (public) Dr. Nathan takes his audience inside the seemingly mysterious world of psychiatry, psychiatrists and the people they treat.

“Schizophrenia, Schizoaffective Disorder and Bipolar Disorder” (clinicians, patient groups, public) Within his area of specialization, Dr. Nathan explains differences and similarities of these potentially devastating but surprisingly treatable psychiatric illnesses.

“Stressed or Sick: Distinguishing Psychiatric Disorders from Everyday Problems” (non-psychiatric clinicians, public) In a world where psychiatric medications are simultaneously overprescribed and underutilized, Dr. Nathan differentiates psychopathology from the healthy range of human emotions.

 “An Update on Psychiatric Medications” (clinicians, patient groups) As with all medical fields, psychopharmacology changes as new breakthroughs are made and medications become available.

Topics for General Audiences

 “America’s History in Coins”: With ample visual aids, Dr. Nathan shows how American history is reflected in its coinage, from colonial times to the present day.

Gertie the Dinosaur and Primordial Animation”: As the founder of the Gertie Project, an international collaboration of scholars and archivists restoring the landmark 1914 film, Dr. Nathan shares his knowledge about one of the world’s first cartoons and the brilliant artist who created it.

“Planetary Origins of Meteorites”: Dr. Nathan discusses what science has uncovered about where rocks from space formed, including planets, asteroids and possibly distant stars.

“Proto-Cuneiform for Beginners”: Dr. Nathan introduces the world’s oldest known written language through the decipherment and interpretation of a 5,000 year old proto-cuneiform tablet.