Dr. Nathan’s Publications

News/Magazine Articles:

“Find ways to work through those holiday or winter blues.” Princeton Packet. December 18, 1998. p. 23A.

“Depression Guide: You’re Not Alone.” Barrons. September 3, 2001. pp. 34-35.

“Try to remember the kind of September…” Princeton Packet. September 21, 2001.

“Shedding Light — And Darkness.” Barrons. March 4, 2002.

“Trouble at the Office.” Barrons. September 4, 2006. p. 36.

“This is Your Brain on Money.” Barrons. September 3, 2007. p. 40.

“A Doctor’s Case for Legal Pot.” Wall Street Journal. January 15, 2010. p. 21.

“Matter Over Mind: Psychiatrists and their Pills.” Barrons. July 5, 2010. p. 33.

“Is It High Time? Fresh looks at marijuana.” Barrons. March 7, 2011. pp. 30-31.

“Why Marijuana Should Be Legal for Adults.” CNN.com. January 9, 2013. Featured Op-Ed.

“Calls to Legalize Pot Are Gaining America’s Support.” CNN.com. January 16, 2013. Featured Op-Ed.

“How to Regulate Pot When It’s Legal.” CNN.com. August 26, 2013. Featured Op-Ed.

“Fighting Marijuana… Or Reality?” CNN.com. September 11, 2013. Featured Op-Ed.

“When It All Began: Research sparks quest to find Princeton’s Unknown Player.” Princeton Alumni Weekly. October 22, 2014. p. 15.

Selected publications and interviews by Dr. Nathan about cannabis policy may be found on DFCR’s Media and Publications pages.

Journal Articles:

Nathan, D.L., Oepen, G., Havens, L., and McClung, E.D. “Two Views of a Delusion.” Harvard Rev Psychiatry 1998; 6: 97-104.

Nathan, D.L. “A ‘New’ Proto-Cuneiform Tablet.” Cuneiform Digital Library Bulletin 2003:4. March 2003.

Nathan, D.L. “Review of The Midnight Disease.” American Journal of Psychiatry. October 2004; 161: 1937-1938.

Nathan, D.L. “A Hebrew Letter on the New World’s First Coins?” The Shekel. January-February 2006.

Nathan, D.L. and Crafton, D. “The Making and Remaking of Gertie.” Animation 8:1. March 2013. pp. 23-46.

Nathan, D.L. “That summer evening, long ago, a-sitting on a gate.” The Knight Letter.January 2014. pp. 23-26.


Web Repair in Several Species of Orb Weaving Spiders. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University, 1990. 67 pp.

The Book of Nathan: Memoirs of a Nineteenth Century Romanian Immigrant. Princeton, NJ, 2006. 128 pp.

Medical Education Software:

Creator, Designer and Illustrator, Gross Anatomy Review Program, a computerized dissection, atlas and review, 1991-2.

Creator and Designer, Histological Anatomy Review Program, a computerized atlas, review and self quiz, 1992-3.

Creator, Designer and Animator, Basic Embryology Review Program, an animated atlas and review of prenatal development, 1994.